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The White House Fellows Legacy of Leadership Award
Harold Richman
October, 2009

    - Bob Edmonds - Outgoing Association President -- and
      Pastora Cafferty -- WHF Class of 1969-1970, University of Chicago Colleague
    - Bob Patricelli -- WHF Classmate (1965-1966)
    - Sonny Garg -- WHF Class of 1999-2000,  University of Chicago Student of Harold
Harold in his own words
Award Presentation and Family Response by Robert Richman

Another award given out at the same dinner was the Jack Valenti Friend of the White House Fellows award.  It was given to Bill Moyers who was Lyndon Johnson's Press Secretary at the time the program was founded.

Mr. Moyers gave a facinating talk on the importance of keeping the decision makers in a society from becoming too isolated from the average citizen.  Most importantly, he discusses how this exact phenomenon has lead us to some of the pressing problems that we face today.

Bob Edmonds and Pastora Cafferty

Bob Patricelli

Sonny Garg

Harold in his own words
Part 1

Part 2

Award Presentation and Robert's Response